Powerful IFTTT Link Wheels

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Time to take your link building to the next level.

Get 8 Branded Accounts with 1 Expired Tumblr PA 28+ Interlink all create IFTTT Applets

7 - 10 Day Delivery

Value of Expired Web 2.0.

1. They are aged.
2. They already have authority Backlinks.
3. They are ready to drop links send juice.

Here'swhat you will get?

  • The login credentials of all accounts will be provided in an excel sheet.
  • All networks are built with SEMANTIC MASTERY SEO STANDARDS.
  • Top quality web2.0 social profiles.
  • All accounts are SEO optimized & combined in your "Semantic Hub"
  • 100% Satisfaction.

How it's will work?

After Setting up this network for your blog/Website, whenever you will publish a new blog post in your site it's will syndicated to all Branded Accounts without login to anyone which means the social accounts will updated automatically with a new post from your blog via IFTTT with a source links to your post as well as with a backlinks to your Money site.

Keep in mind:

Remember this service is only for new blog posts, it's will rank only your new blog posts. The posts which were published before will not be ranked through this service.

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