Digital is Changing the Way People Buy Cars

Car dealership business is just one piece of the auto industry, but the average revenue it gets amounts to $59.6 million. With the auto industry showing a continuous upward trend, how do car dealers remain the go-to source for car buyers? One answer – SEO.

SEO for car dealerships provide them with additional leverage to stay in front and center of car buyers, and these stats show the importance of going digital:

✓ 88% of car buyers go online to research models before buying a car

✓ Car dealerships on position 1 get 18% of click-through traffic for a search

✓ Google sends 90% of search traffic to websites

✓ There is a 200% of “near me” searches for terms related to auto dealers

With digital changing the buying habits of people, SEO for car dealerships is more important than ever.

Small Business SEO Analytics

Achieving SEO Success for Car Dealerships

With over eight years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing and 100+ SEO professionals collaborating on campaigns, we’ve helped car dealers drive more traffic to their websites and more customers to their shops.

Our performance-driven methodology provides car dealers with all the SEO essentials to boost their online performance and outrank the competition. We combine expertise and technology to help car dealership websites dominate the top position of search results.

We’re more than an SEO provider. Our team is here to support car dealer websites 24/5, with dedicated project managers and SEO specialists looking after campaigns from the very start.

SEO Software for Car Dealerships

We care for transparency in everything that we do. All progress visibility on SEO projects will reflect on our SEO software that clients can access anytime, anywhere.

Integrations available with our technology include:

  • Real-time reporting from Google Analytics
  • Campaign performance for auto dealership websites
  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic performance
  • Task updates
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