Dominating the digital landscape with small business SEO strategies

A Game of Who Gets Found First

The steady growth of small businesses means two things – success and competition. Customers are turning to the digital landscape for answers.

✓ 46% of customers look for businesses online

✓ 97% of customers look for a business online before making a transaction or visiting the business

✓ 28% of online local searches result in a transaction

✓ 75% of online users never scroll past the first page

SEO is no longer an option – it’s a necessity to make small businesses visible to customers every time. With the rise in digital consumption, it’s more important now for small businesses to fortify their SEO strategies and be at the forefront of their customer’s path to purchase.

Small Business SEO Analytics

Small Business SEO Service That Makes Results Happen

With over eight years of working in the industry and 100+ digital marketing minds collaborating on 10,000+ SEO campaigns, we’ve developed a methodology that can help small businesses stay on top of their game.

We provide the expertise, strategies, and resources to boost the online presence of small business websites and outrank their competitors. We execute SEO workflows tailored to the needs of the business to deliver results consistently.

Which Industries need SEO?

Every industry and business are similar and different in many ways. Hence, the similarities and differences of methods and approaches when doing SEO for businesses. As industrial SEO experts, we’d say that industries have 80% similar practices in search engine optimization and about 20% differences.

Majority of Small Businesses We’ve Helped:

Law Firms
Plastic Surgeons
Car Dealerships
Real Estate

SEO and Paid Marketing Strategy Services by Zion Port

Progress at a Glance

Complete transparency is the core of our SEO service. We don’t simply send reports – we show the progress of the campaign from start to delivery with our SEO software.

  • Campaign monitoring
  • Keyword and rank tracking
  • Traffic summary
  • Task updates

Built with Google Analytics and Search Console tracking, our SEO software provides small businesses with a front-row view of their campaign progress and gives clarity on how their SEO is improving.