DD Map Stack

Boost your Map Rankings with Driving Directions. Here’s a sure fire way to move that ever elusive map needle in the map pack.  With these markers, Google will surely take notice.

Map Pack Stacking Solutions

In the vast digital wilderness, one of the most formidable challenges businesses face is securing a coveted spot on Google’s Map Pack. It’s a digital summit that many aspire to conquer, but few manage to reach it consecutively. However, there are powerful link-building strategies that can serve as your sherpa on this uphill journey, and one of them is right at your fingertips.

Imagine crafting driving directions as a master blacksmith forges a sword. Each direction, each turn, each destination is a strike of the hammer, shaping the metal, giving it form and function. These directions are not just pathways for your customers, they are signals to Google, telling it that your business is not just a mere location, but a destination worth highlighting.

This strategy, though potent, is often overlooked. Not due to its ineffectiveness, but because of the meticulous effort it demands. It’s like crafting a masterpiece, requiring patience, precision, and persistence. But the result? A work of art that stands out in the digital landscape.

So here lies an opportunity, a chance to incorporate this strategy into your SEO methodology. It’s not just about marking your presence on the map, it’s about carving a path to success. Are you ready to embark on this journey? The road to the top of the Map Pack is waiting for you. 

What's Happening?

We are going to scrape much of your GBP Data.  From post links to review links and even wrap them in URL Shortners like Bitly and others to create even more power and juice to these links.

This makes more linking signals in each of the pins. So, if you were to boost with more links on top of it, you’ll force juice to flow to all the links that our relevant to the business.

What You'll Get:

  • 1 Google My Map Property
  • 1 KML File
  • 1 Google Folder Full of Data
  • 1 Google Sheet Full of all the links involved

Yes, it will work.  As long as you have a Google Business Profile (GMB) map link. It will work. 

Here is what it should look like:

  • https://www.google.com/maps/place/
  • https://maps.app.goo.gl/EWMTA4g5z9EAP1pJ6

From personal and from working with others, anywhere between 10 – 15 days and sometimes a lot sooner we’ll see results.

Again, it depends on competitiveness of the term.

It’s encouraged to include backlinks to the property to really see results sooner.

The way it works, is your Google Business Profile is scraped and added to the pins along with the driving directions.