Live Dashboard

The analysis made easy. It starts with our all-in-one SEO dashboard software where our clients can track their campaign.

Transparent & Convenient
Our clients will always want more clarity. We are giving you what you want via your very own dashboard.

Everything You Need
Use our intuitive monitoring software to manage your SEO needs with all the best tools in one easy-to-use place.

See the Same Keyword Rank Tracking Data
Questions you will never have to ask as our client:

  • Do my campaigns have keywords on the first page?
  • How are my keywords ranking?
  • Are people searching for the keywords we’re targeting?
  • Which keywords are we targeting?

Everything our clients need to know is readily available – right down to the details of each keyword. Make planning a breeze!

Find Out Where All Those Leads are Coming From

Leads are coming, but do you know where they’re coming from? We’ll help you out. Our live dashboard provides you with complete lead tracking and reporting capabilities

Track leads from different sources

  • Get software that is reporting everything, every day
  • We want to prove to clients that our digital marketing solutions are working
  • We are bringing clients a step closer to their revenue source
  • All the leads coming from contact forms on different landing pages – you can track them all in one place.

We still offer and supply executive reporting each month.