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Dental SEO Case Study

As an old and trusted site, ranked high in branded searches, but when it came to main non-branded keywords (screen1), its search results rankings were weak. This prompted the client to take action to get started in a Local SEO package and receive suggestions from our optimization experts.

Our experts launched the campaign and gave them a walk through the dashboard so they can see what we see which made our future meetings more fluid. In order to create a high-quality semantic kernel and composed a detailed list of suggestions on meta tags correction, informative content writing, improving website’s loading speed, creating a micro markup and concealing non-informative web pages. We’ve shown all of what we’ve done in an executive report. Making sure we’re being transparent with them.

Sadly, SEO experts’ recommendations haven’t been implemented into the website’s internal structure and therefore main keywords didn’t rank on the first page of Google’s search results, in spite of reaching the Google TOP.

According to our experts, if the recommended corrections were made, the clients’ main keywords would have appeared on the first page of Google’s search results in 2-3 months within the campaign. Only the domain’s age and high-quality link juice allowed the rankings to increase.

Google is more tolerant to websites with long history because of their fast indexing and trust of their clients. While it provides certain link building benefits, it is still not a reason to ignore internal optimization, even when working with an old domain.

Search engine requirements change regularly and neglecting this can negatively impact even the most trustworthy websites.

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